#BM A for Announcement of my new Portfolio

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01 september 2014 Blender, Blender Month Blender


I'm really happy to announce my new Portfolio! Finally!
I'm a self-taught 2D/3D artist, still novice, but longing to enhance my skills to create better illustrations and animations day after day, and especially with free and open source-software like Blender, Krita, Gimp, MyPaint, Inkscape, Linux...

To make the most of this launching day, I take part in the Blender Month, a A-Z challenge starting today, september the 1st, with the A for Announcement, tomorrow B and so on to Z the 26th. This contest was launch by my friend Julien Duroure, a french 3D artist and freelancer specialized in animation.

I hope you enjoy!


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