Adrenaline Rush - Game Jam

A tiny game inspired by Warioware, mini-games in quick succession, simple commands and over-the-top action mixed with ridiculous situations and exquisite humour. Made for Ludum Dare 46 with Godot. - Play Adrenaline Rush on

O'Soliloquy - Game Jam

A monk is drafting hymns for Vespers but the melody is being caught in chaotic currents. Preserve the sacred notes from the void and restore the celestial chants. Made for Ludum Dare 43 with Godot. - Play O'Soliloquy on

Musée de Lodève - Developper, UI

Earth tectonic plates movement from -541 million years ago to today for Lodève's museum, made with Unity. - link - video

Héraklès - Developper, UI, Shading

Documentary application prototype made with Unity. (ask for video)

Dilili à Paris - Pipeline, Tools, Rigging

Feature film directed by Michel Ocelot - Trailer

Antarctica - 3D, Render, Compositing

A documentary directed by Jérôme Bouvier and Marianne Cramer co-produced by Arte France, Paprika Films, Wild-Touch Production, Andromède Océanologie. It depicts the expedition led by Luc Jacquet to show and raise interest in the effects of climate change in the polar regions. Making of

V@si - Blender support


RGBa - The Encounter


RGBa - Happy 2017


Wood Shaving