Tetris of the Colossus - Game Jam

A game inspire by Tetris and Shadow of the Colossus, made for Ludum Dare 41 with Unity. - itch.io

Hexachrome - Game Jam

It is a simple exploration game with lights and sounds, made for Ludum Dare 37 with Unity. - itch.io - video

Musée de Lodève - Developper, UI

Earth tectonic plates movement from -541 million years ago to today for Lodève's museum, made with Unity. - link - video

Héraklès - Developper, UI, Shading

Documentary application prototype made with Unity. (ask for video)

Dilili à Paris - Pipeline, Tools, Rigging

Feature film directed by Michel Ocelot - Trailer

Musée de Lodève - Pipeline, Tools, Rigging, Animation, FX, Compositing

link (ask for video)

Antarctica - 3D, Render, Compositing


V@si - Blender support


RGBa - The Encounter


RGBa - Happy 2017


Wood Shaving